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First, the cooperation conditions:
(1) Must be a legal entity or natural person with legal qualifications;
(2) must have a good business reputation;
(3) must have a certain financial strength;
(4) must have a certain network of interpersonal relationships, and network resources;
(5) must be recognized good things together intelligent home brand, with the brand concept and marketing capabilities;
(6) with industry experience, to understand the Internet of Things intelligent home market is preferred;
(7) of the smart home project fully endorsed and long-term development of professionalism.

Second, cooperation support:
(1) do not have to pay initial fee, low investment can enjoy exclusive regional distributor, fully guarantee the interests of agents;
(2) to assist the completion of large-scale project headquarters, home technical guidance and marketing guidance;
(3) a perfect return mechanism, slow-moving products can be replaced at any time selling products;
(4) sales rebate bonus, the greater the sales rebate bonus more;
(5) distribution of advertising films, product brochures, decoration agents to give the exhibition hall subsidies¡£

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