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Brilliance Sky worked with Seele company for New World Center

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On Jan 05th, our customer Seele team visited Brilliance Sky and discuss with new projects also including New World Center project in HK that is a bigger project and Glass tube is very difficult to assemble it . Brilliance Sky shows their good idea and show how to improve the processing during installation. After visiting, Seele gave us order for this big project. And Brilliance Sky will supply the fittings including Dual Stainless Steel fittings, Aluminum welding parts, special extrusion with CNC machine & anodising coating. Also consider this building lcoated near by sea, so asked to provide Ti fittings ,dual stainless fittings accordingly to resolve rust problem & force issue after finishing facade.

 Looking back cooperation with Seele, it was over 10 year for Curtain Wall Glass,  Brilliance Sky supplied the stainless fittings can be past by them, even Ti fittings can be past by tensile strength over 1100Mpa. So we also got the Saudi project in 2010.

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