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Brilliance Sky Undertake the Cross-border Dialogue between Building Curtain Wall and Ti Space Structure

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On Apr 22th, the technical forum- the Cross-border Dialogue between Building Curtain Wall and Space Structure organized by Building curtain wall professional committee of Shanghai building society and Shanghai architectural space structure engineering technology research center, undertook by Brilliance Sky, is successfully held at Wanhehaomei Art Hotel. The experts made wonderful reports about the theme.
More than 30 experts of curtain wall visit the Disney dream landscape bridge at 10:00 a.m. The bridge is designed by Shanghai modern city design and research institute, at the same time, Brilliance Sky participates in the detail design of the cable and correlative nodes, seal cables, galfan plating cables, cable clamp, anchor cable products and grab rail hardware products of the bridge are supplied by Brilliance Sky The bridge initiates the long span Ti fittings & dual stainless fittings.unilateral suspended-cable structure of landscape bridge in China. The engineer Simon and his colleagues delivered detailed explanation patiently in what the experts are interested. The subtle mechanical characteristic of the landscape bridge as well as the products and nodes designed by Brilliance Sky  leave a deep impression

The forum is initiated and undertook by Brilliance Sky and the other two sponsors. Brilliance Sky shows its achievements in different construction fields and the achievement will drive Brilliance Sky moves forward and innovate constantly.

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